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Note: We sold in August 2021, so this is no longer available.

We welcome anyone who is interested in permaculture who is willing to come and help out and learn with us. We have 1 spare room with 2 single beds, a van suitable for a single or couple, or plenty of space for camping.

Also please check the Interships page as it's similar, but slightly different..

Send us a message through the Contact us form and let us know your skills and possible dates you would want to stay and volunteer and for how long (esp your minimum). We host people from all over the world!

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Guidelines to follow:

Minimum stay would be 6 days. Maximum stay depends on how it goes. Typically, tasks might include:

- planting seeds

- planting vegetables

- taking and planting cuttings

- digging holes in rocky ground

- digging out rocks

- cutting mulch with sickle

- moving firewood

- helping with any building job

- harvesting food

- looking after animals

- creating mulched garden beds

- watering plants with hose or buckets

- collecting rocks

We eat a mostly plant based diet with small quantities of high quality meat and grow as much as we can - guests will be able to share their cooking skills if desired. We choose as much Organic food from Australia as we can. Our food is pretty much better than anything you can buy anywhere! We cannot provide vegan meals as there is no such thing as vegan food, although meatless meals can be accommodated.

We have a washing machine available to use. Town is only 5 mins drive away. We are off grid so power is limited and needs to be conserved especially if the sun is not shining. Cell phone signal is just okay (best with Telstra or Aldi). We have high speed internet and wifi available at certain times.

We follow Permaculture ethics and principles in all that we do and will encourage guests to do the same. Care for Earth, Care for People, and Fair share. People Care means trying not to muck us around and waste our time - if you message us, give us a day or two to reply rather than messaging other people at the same time. If you are keen and have references, we can usually fit you in. Once a plan is arranged, please stick to it - changing it affects us and usually others that we are in communication with too! Think of others!

We have signed up with Helpx so if you can find us there too. Helpers can pay for one membership worldwide - very sensible! We are also on Workaway - here is our profile. And another free platform: Hippo Help