Local resources

Over time we are discovering where to get resource from and as local as possible :). [Last updated April 2020]

Animal droppings:

- horse; there are many people with horses around Stanthorpe and they are delighted for people to come and rake and shovel it up - ask Dylan for phone numbers

- cow; as above - animals prefer not to eat grass around their droppings, so best if it is removed

- alpaca; there are at least 5 farms in the area. Alpaca could be the easiest droppings to collect as they poo over and over again in the same piles


- worms; buy them from us - only $25 per 1000 worms


- M&M sawmill on Sugarloaf Rd, $16.50 for a self loaded ute load or $2.50 for large bucket


- M&M sawmill as above, $5 a ute load of any off-cuts and scrap wood from their burn pile. Good for building things or could be used for cheap firewood! A table saw makes this easy.


- news agent nearest post office gives away old ones on Monday or Thursday afternoon OR ask at the Tip or scrounge out of the tip paper recycling bin (difficult to reach nowadays though).


- from the dump, $9.50 a ute load - fairly good quality with some bits of plastic that have to be carefully pulled out, but it is a form of soil and mulch that will add biomass

- hay bales of lovegrass from Tenterfield (Geoff 02 67364204), $4 per rectangular bale if picked up yourself or he can deliver if you a ute load for about $6 a bale (25 or so)

- same kind of hay bales are $4 from corner (Pelham St & New Eng HW) property in Tenterfield - leave money in letterbox

- soy bean mulch from Neville Produce at certain times, $60 for large round bale (not GM) - call first

Seeds and seedlings:

- the occasional Market at the Whistlestop Community Garden by the railway station sometimes will sell you seeds and little plants e.g. apricot seedling for $1 ! The Permaculture group has Seedy Saturday's 2 or 3 times per year - a great opportunity to share/get seeds! Seedling farm along Texas Road often has good quality seedlings at $3 per 10 plants.


- look in the bin at the dump (next to household rubbish bins

- bin outside CRT always has a lot

EM (effective microorganisms):

- our friend gave us some - contact us and we will pass some on to you - easy to brew; 30ml EM + 30ml molasses (from Neville Produce, $1.50 a litre, take your own container) to 1 litre of water. Leave 2 weeks out of sun, but in warm place. Dilute 20:1 and use as foliar spray or for watering any plants or in your compost toilet

Electric fence:

- CRT has portable, solar powered (with battery) energiser

- not local, but for electric nets;

Chicken Caravan - Chicken Netting (green and double spike) - $335/50m roll (including postage)

Allsun - Masterfence (green/red and double spike) - $370/50m roll (including postage)

Allsun - Starternet (green/red and double spike) - $420/50m roll (including postage)

Allsun - Gardennet (green/red and double spike) - $330/50m roll (including postage)

Electric Fence Australia - Gallagher (Red) - $383.79/50 roll (not including postage)

Electric Fence Australia - Speedrite (Red) - $379/50 roll (not including postage)


- aglime

- DE (diatomaceous earth)

- minerals (eg sulphur, boron, etc), epsom salts, bentonite clay

- animal feeds (Neville Produce great as well)


Mt Silvia mine - contact Martin I'ons (0402016549) $15 a 20kg bag and DE for $10 a bag

Contact us to arrange an order or ask a question

Local to us means less than 100km. This means we do get some stuff in Tenterfield, New South Wales, 55km away and sometimes also Warwick, 65km. Localise Permaculture whenever possible!