Working chickens, Digga the pig, Open Day, Autumn Flowers

Post date: May 12, 2014

The chickens have been in the food forest for two days to clean up the bugs and weed seeds. They love a new area to forage in and of course will be depositing little fertiliser bombs everywhere :)

Helpers with chickens
chickens in food forest

Digga is growing by the day and also becoming more tame (He's about 3 months old). He can be scratched patted now, after just over 2 weeks. He seems to be a good plough and we hope to use him soon for preparing some ground for a Spring plot. Our plan is to put him inside the electric net fence as this has been inside the pig pen for him to get used to. Getting him there and back to the pen is the challenge.

We had an Open Day on Sunday and showed another 7 interested locals around. There will be another in a month's time.

Most of the Zone 1 & 2 gardens have been mulched with soybean mulch over the last few days by Helper Aurora and Evita's sister Sylvie and Winter veggies planted in between established plants, some of which are flowering beautifully: