SPG - Intro to Permaculture workshop

29 November - unfortunately only 6 people came along, despite such a nice day. Anyhow, we had decided not to do the usual powerpoint presentation and instead, we came up with more creative ways to facilitate the workshop content so that participants' knowledge could come out during the interactive activities.

For example, in this activity, students had the 12 Holmgren principles up on the board. Then they were given the 12 icons and 12 proverbs on pieces of paper and had to collectively decide which symbol and which proverb goes with which principle. Lots of discussion and active brains.

The correct triples :)

Then we went for a walk around the garden and they had to identify examples of as many principles as they could. For example, compost toilets that 'produce no waste'!

In another activity, we used the table top as the landscape 'map' and thought about what energies could come into the site eg fire, water, sun, etc. These sectors were drawn on the landscape. Then everyone had to draw an element onto some paper and put it into the landscape with justification relevant to the sector and function. After introducing zones, elements were further adjusted based on how often they would need visiting and resources.

Below is the presentation I usually use: