Pigeons, chickens, and tofu cooking

Post date: Apr 5, 2014

After seeing an ad on Facebook for "pigeons giveaway", I decided to build an addition to the chicken house and pig pen. So, the pigeon house is next to the chickens and above the future pig shelter:


Used old wire, bed springs, iron roofing, and whatever I could find:

pigeon house next to chickens

Created nest boxes from 2 old shelves from the dump shop. Hatch allows entry from this side to check on boxes:

pigeon nesting boxes

Update showing the chicken garden box growing well:

Chicken box garden growing well

Quick video of the birds next to each other:

Evita's fist tofu cooking workshop (at the Community Gardens):

Evita teaching tofu cooking

Everybody enjoying the tasters:

tofu workshop people sample the food