More compost

Post date: Feb 6, 2014

Larger scale this time round.. inspired after watching one of Geoff Lawton's videos about his recommended technique for the 18 day compost, I started making some compost bays the next day. It took longer than I thought (as it always seems to), but used up some of the harvested cypress pine wood from several months ago. After a few days to complete, it took about a week to gather materials to fill it, aiming for a metre cubed in volume. Used horse droppings, waste strawberries, waste mushrooms, cut weeds, food waste, sawdust, urine, seaweed extract, and hay:

compost bin

It took 50mins to turn it into the next door bay today:

compost after turning

and the temperature in the middle was around 70 degrees...! Yes, there is is another bay to the left and will start gathering materials to fill that one too.

Compost from the papercrete barrel is going well, still hot - a bit easier to turn the barrel after stabilising the base with some foam inserts.