Making tofu and soy milk

Post date: Feb 10, 2014

A few weeks ago we heard about someone selling a tofu making machine. Intrigued, we called and went to visit. We bought the grinder and 100kg of bio-dynamic soybeans. Fortunately, we were offered some help making our first batch and so yesterday we made about 2 kg of tofu and 5l of milk. There is also the left overground beans called okara as well which make delicious patties and can be used in many recipes. Nothing wasted in this production process!

Here is a photo breakdown of the steps:-

Grind soybeans while adding a trickle of water:

grinding soybeans

Boil and cook the milk until froth disappears:

Add curdling agent to curdle milk and then scoop out curds:

Put curds in container that can drain and add weight on top to press out excess whey:

After 15 mins, refrigerate, and later this is the finished tofu:


Easy! We plan to sell a little bit each week through the local organic veggie box scheme and perhaps in a couple of other little shops in town :)