Gathering, greenhouse, PDC rocket stoves

Post date: Jul 20, 2014

A couple of weeks ago we had another Stanthorpe Permaculture Group gathering at our place. The activity was to build a multifunctional, mobile hoop that could be used as a chicken run (ideally docking to house at night), protection for veggies from birds and animals, covered with shadecloth for Summer growing or plastic for Winter growing, and so on. Polypipe hoops screwed onto cypress pine wood:

Half way there:

Wire added and hinged door on the end:

Pigs love a scratch; they flop over and knock me down!

Greenhouse hoops went up last week with the sliding door:

One of two little kangaroos we are seeing most mornings and evenings recently:

Day 2 of our PDC went well today. We started with a rocket stove making practical and had a little competition between 2 groups to see who could boil a litre of water first. It was great that everyone helped and they were made in just under an hour and a half:

Team work:

Adding ash for insulation:

Little bit more stick fuel:

Extra air:

Boiling FIRST, although kettle had to lifted to allow air flow (easily fixed with a holey ring underneath):

The winning stove was used to cook some of the lunch later by Evita: