Feb update - mulch, superadobe, swale, good life

Post date: Feb 22, 2017

Woody mulch completed around fruit trees - less grass and weeds to maintain. The random containers are worm towers - pony poo and worms that will fertilise the soil:

woody mulch around fruit trees

Outside render completed:

outside render completed

Evita learning to fish:

Helpers Fanny and Sarah proud of the little wall we assembled using all the 'spare' rocks:

Inside of the dome painted - why not a little different?! :

inside of dome painted

Sunflowers just survived the hot weather. We finally had 41mm over 3 days earlier this week to give the soil a much needed drink:


Day off - exploring at two local National Parks:

Stunning sunset colour:


Cute capture of Milkie:

pretty goat

Fired Kev the oven again to cook pizza, bread, and a piglet. Gosh helpers are spoilt here!


Third swale; dug in a day. Fertilised the mound with humanure from caravan setup. Have added woody mulch over the agpipe:


Door hung today:

And a short little video about bees that Fanny made - she is making a larger video about Permaculture here for her Mum to use for her English class back in France: