Ever get that feeling of being watched?

Post date: Sep 20, 2013

We got some decent rain recently, 40 something millimetres and that soaked in well and added a good amount to the tanks and ponds. The frogs are happy as since then..

Evita planted the herb spiral yesterday:

herb spiral planted

More digging - for 2 blue barrels, 1 deep bath, another blue barrel vertical, and a shallow fibreglass pond.. (water is flowing through as of tonight, more photos to follow soon)

holes dug for grey water

Large butterfly feeding today:

butterfly feeding

Built box garden yesterday morning for potatoes over a very hard area of ground. Filled with organic matter in layers. Planted this morning with 4 different potatoes:

raised bed

And when you get that feeling you are being watch... you probably are... [looked up in tree above the greywater area and a possum was watching us. I think we were making too much noise and woke it up or it's just curious to see what's going on.. it lives in one of the boxes I put up 4 years ago]

possum leaning out box

Evita's mooncup post coming soon..