Early Summer

Post date: Nov 28, 2014

Everything in the greenhouse has been growing very well despite the hot days and heat inside. This may slow down now as we have to hand water because the reservoir is empty :(

The sunflower has started blooming:

Spotted this lizard catching a cicada last week. Has he got a smile on his face?

Shading the kitchen garden beds helps to stop everything from baking in the unusual November temperatures. We are eating heaps of snow peas and silverbeet, some courgettes recently, and the tomatoes should be coming on soon too:

The new tank garden is surprising us with its growth as the soil we put in there was bought in (and looked plain) and only horse manure added. Stone gravel underneath perhaps is staying moist:

Everything else is dry dry dry and we are spending a lot of time watering things just to get them through until something decent falls from the sky!