Chickens, compost, wicking bath, hay bale bed, Sugarloaf Soy

Post date: Feb 22, 2014

A few photos of some of the things we have been doing in the last week or so (thanks to Andy, an English helpx'er who is staying 10 days to help and learn);

Our first 3 chickens who will hopefully start laying eggs soon:

first 3 chickens

Roofing added to the compost bins to protect the compost from too much water and to not waste any, we added 'gutters' out of scrap pipe:

Day 18 of the first batch of compost, but it is still quite hot, so it was turned and will be left for another 2 days to see if it is cool/finished. Maybe longer - it is looking good though! Also turned the second batch for the first time:

turning of compost piles

Our fist wicking bed, planted with Winter veges (and one 'weed' that the chickens love):

wicking bath veges

An experimental hay bale bed with drippers put in and Winter vege seeds planted. Citrus in the centre:

hay bale vege bed

Our first compost from the papercrete barrel composter. Quite 'woody' as I put in heaps of sawdust, but seemed to make a good potting mix with sand and vermiculite to plant some cuttings in pots:

compost from papercrete composter

Evita meets some tofu and soy milk customers during her first week of selling some through the Symara Farm box scheme:

talking about tofu and soymilk