Be The Change

Post date: Apr 21, 2016

Gidday, a few days ago we got an email from Andy who helped us at Sugarloaf quite a while back. He is recently back in his home country, England, and has started an enterprise based on his cycling passion as well as his motivation to improve the world. Bike Man offers many services to his local community. He can do errands, shopping, delivery of ecological products, and pick up of food waste! All on his bike and its trailer (100% pedal powered)!

A bicycle is the most efficient machine and a very green alternative to fossil fuel powered vehicles:

He is working at the local community garden to compost the food waste:

He said this reminded him of helping at Sugarloaf :)

I am guessing Andy is buying in bulk size containers and then decanting into reused containers:

I like this idea a good deal and wanted to share on here. Please share with your friends. If we had one or two Andy's in every town of the world doing this - what a great thing that'd be!!