Dec musings

Post date: Dec 17, 2016

Mt Marley Permaculture - sign

Friends of ours put up a sign last week; very cool:

European carp given to us. Tastes great after simply roasting in the oven:

roasted carp

Weeded the Herb Garden at The Summit on Thursday and added a dogbane plant. Herbs are growing very well and the soil under the hay is lovely:

The Summit herb garden

Pickled wombok and radish this week; delicious:

pickled wombok

Added some plants to the outdoor shower recently - they seem to like this microclimate:

outdoor shower plants

Gardens quite productive. Tomatoes and squash coming along nicely:

salad greens, etc

Vege chicken circles working well:

vege chicken circles

A circle close-up showing the diverse polyculture going off:

polyculture veggies