1st online workshops

Early in 2020, we planned a series of Permaculture Group workshops, but due to the virus and need to limit physical interaction between people, we decided to have a go at doing them online instead of in person. We offered the first one on Activated Food at a very low cost of $10 using the Zoom platform. We set up a phone in the kitchen to record, as well as a whiteboard to write on and stick things to. The workshop went for an hour and half and we tried to make it interactive by asking participants to do some things and they had the ability to see each other and ask questions. We covered the 3 ways of activating food: soaking, sprouting, and fermenting. Overall it went pretty well!

The second workshop (also $10) a week later was on fermentation and the number of participants was about double. This was less interactive as there was more content to cover: yogurt, drinks, sourdough, and lacto-fermented vegetables.

Dylan decided to make some summary posters that cover the Activated Food topic: