2 weeks to 2 months - you choose!

Come and learn, work, and live Permaculture (and organic food production) with us. Your internship will have exposure to a multitude of tasks. Surf around our website to get an idea of what we are doing. Future projects include expanding the animal systems, building another guest room, regenerating after earthworks, tree systems, nursery, and more.

organic food production in action - planting out seedlings

Cost - $0 -> work exchange for full board (meals + guest room [perhaps shared with one other at times])

We work about 7-9 hours a day, sometimes less, but have time in town once a week and to other outings (usually once a week). Normally we take people to see other Permaculture places we know of nearby and to National Park walks (in QLD or NSW).

Previous feedback (extracts);
I stayed one week in Dylan and Evita's demonstration site and although I came from a 2.5 months internship in permaculture I learnt a lot of new things, we shared interesting points of view, the food was very good and I was able to meet other people in the community activities that took place that week.
Henry from Spain

They are both very knowledgeable on p/c and they are happy to share and explain ways of working and concepts. My work was varied and meaningful, which meant I managed to pick up a lot in a relatively short period of time. I would have definitely stayed longer if I hadn't already made other plans.
Andy from England
Keywords: Permaculture intern organic gardening internship Queensland Australia 4380 (Stanthorpe about 2 and a half hours from Brisbane). Study learn live Permaculture and Organic food production (market gardening, organic farming). Organic farm internship will change your life! This is the best thing to do after your PDC -> graduate fellowship or internship in Australia