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SPG - Fermentation workshop

posted 10 Sep 2016, 03:42 by D Graves   [ updated 10 Sep 2016, 03:43 ]
Finally, it has happened. Evita has been itching to share her new found knowledge, experience, and passion for fermenting. Today's workshop featured Linda from GoVita who talked about making sauerkraut and Evita talking about and demonstrating making sourdough, asian style lacto-fermented pickled vegetables, and kombucha. Participants got hands on cutting cabbages, helping to bottle sauerkraut, and of course sampling 'all the wares' for lunch. Everybody took home a jar of 'kraut, a kombucha scoby, and a daikon radish to pickle. Thanks to the Gregg's for supplying the best tasting organic, and local, cabbage! Well done Evita-everyone left very happy and excited to continue fermenting at home :)

fermentation workshop