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Permaculture Australia Gathering

posted 20 May 2017, 04:18 by D Graves   [ updated 20 May 2017, 04:21 ]
Almost a year ago I became a member of Permaculture Australia (PA). The primary reason was so we could advertise our superadobe building event. The bonus was to get the PIP magazine subscription (2 issues) which I have enjoyed reading. Anyhow, with the annual Gathering of PA last week being held fairly locally at Djanbung Gardens in Nimbim, I went along. Also, they were holding the AGM, so I decided to nominate myself to become a board member. Here is a poster summarising what PA is trying to do (and why I want to get involved):
Permaculture Australia poster

The main gathering was the Saturday and consisted of various talks and tours. I volunteered and did a 1 hour talk on Off-grid living (resource sheets here). This was after listening to one on bamboo:
bamboo talk

bamboo tools

Bamboo is a useful alternative to the painted metal commonplace nowadays:
bamboo gazebo

Another presenter talking later about promoting food localisation by holding food trail events:

30 year anniversary dinner celebrating 30 years of PA being in operation. Guests through skype - Rowe Morrow and Costa !

Lovely dinner in mud brick building with great food produced by Robyn's daughter and her cafe staff:
lovely dinner

Great example of localising 'proper' food:
abundance cafe

Great to see that the Repair Cafe is happening in Nimbin too:
nimbin repair cafe

The new-ish compost toilets at Djunbung Gardens:
compost toilets

And I got accepted to join the board of PA on Sunday at the AGM !